We are a New Jersey Licensed Mortgage Banker who have been writing loans for over 19 years! We are always about a .25% LOWER than the major banks in interest rate, have NO fees ourselves, and still close refinance loans within 30 days! Since we do not have high overhead and expenses, First Lenders Mortgage is able to price our loans extremely low, giving the borrower the best rate possible for their particular situation.

Superior Customer Service…. You can always reach us for loan status and questions 7 days a week!

We understand that people love to be kept in the loop throughout the entire loan process from start to finish. From the moment you start working with us, you will NEVER be confused about anything throughout the loan process. We take as much time as you need to explain how our process works, answer all questions, and never leave you feeling confused, etc about your loan. We are available by phone, email, 7 days a week for our clients. The last thing somebody wants is to have questions or want loan status updates and cannot get a mortgage professional on the phone right away when you have questions or concerns of any kind.

Lower Mortgage Costs Due To Our Quick, Simple and Automated Loan Process

Because we provide loans throughout the entire state of New Jersey, our clients benefit by our quick and simple automated loan process. Our clients rarely drive to our office because everything is done either over the phone, through the internet, or by last choice… postal mail… All documents are either emailed (scanned) or faxed to us. Our extremely fast loan process system saves our clients valuable time and most importantly MONEY because we utilize the fastest and best priced investors which helps us close your loan faster which allows us to offer our clients LOWER interest rates than the major banks. Most often times, the only time we see our clients is when we come to CLOSE your loan at the convenience of your home or office!

Why We Offer Extremely Low Interest Rates

People ask us all the time how can we offer lower interest rates than the major banks like Wells, Bank Of America, Chase, etc. Well first off, we do not have the MAJOR overhead that the big banks have which allows us to “price” our ZERO point loans as low as possible to earn your business. We do not have to check with management or anybody else to extend a very low competitive interest rate to our clients. We make those decisions right on the spot! We work on VERY low margins which allows us to offer rates with Closing Cost Credits as well to stand out from the competition.

We Provide “Closing Cost Credits” To Help Our Clients REDUCE Third Party Closing Costs!

We completely understand that people want the lowest rates with the lowest fees possible! We took the first step by ELIMINATING all “Our” fees that we had in the past. But we don’t stop there! We further help our clients reduce “standard third party” closing costs such as Appraisal,Title Fees,Recording Fees, Investor charges, by providing closing cost credits which come directly from us, to help reduce and/or ELIMINATE third party fees depending on the loan product, pricing, and loan amount!

Don’t hesitate and call us today at (732) 233-1128 and let us show you what we can offer!!


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